Dive in Alor

Diving in Alor

To dive in Alor is an unforgettable experience. This area is qualified as one of the best in the world. Alor reef is in an exceptionnal good health due to sustainable fishing practices and strong currents.

Surrounded by clear water, the visibility can reach more than 40 meters; great opportunity to apreciate the wide bio-diversity of the reef, which hosts hundreds of species of small fish and big pelagic sea life, with a rich concentration of invertebrates, as well as hard and soft brightly colored corals, in one of the most untouched areas of Indonesia.

With its volcanic origin, Alor offers great variety of topography : some outstanding walls, slopes, valleys, pinnacles, caves, bay, ...

Dive spot-names like "The Bullet" and "Sharks Gallore" give some hints what diving in Alor is like: Big fish and currents, which are sometimes so strong that you have to pay attention not to loose your mask and regulator. But do not worry, the divemasters working in the area know the dive spots well and know how to adjust the diving to the abilities of his group.

As the direction and intensity of the currents is changing quite often, you may have a relaxing dive in the morning and find the same spot in the afternoon resembling a washing machine. The strait between Pantar and Alor is acting like a gigantic jet propelling waters from the Flores Sea in the north to the Savu Sea in the south. You will only find similar conditions around Komodo, the famous island of the Komodo dragons.

When diving in Alor, it impresses the outstanding biodiversity under water. There is a great number of different coral species and no evidence of damage caused by dynamite fishing. The strong currents attract the big fish of course. It's easy to see big Whitetips and huge Grey Reef Sharks, tunas, groupers and even Sunfish, Manta rays and Whalesharks to be seen if you are lucky. Also snorkeling with pilot whales that often hunt in the waters between Pantar and Alor is possible. Visibility is in general terms excellent (sometimes 30m +).

Travel to Alor

Located between Flores and Sawoe Sea, Alor archipelago is one of Indonesia’s last frontiers, also part of the volcanic belt which stretches from Sumatra, Java and Bali to the east of the Indonesian archipelago.

Alor and Pantar are the main Islands and the strait between the two is a world class dive attraction. A long time considered too remote because of lack of infrastructure, Alor and its capital Kalabahi is now days easier to access. The latest development of Indonesian airlines makes this paradise just a little step further from big destinations like Bali or Java. In Alor the local government carefully plan and develop the ecotourism as a part of a conservation strategy. Aware of the potential of the Alor marine park, it works closely with local communities, encouraging sustainable fishing techniques to keep Pantar strait an authentic underwater paradise.