Dive in Nordjylland

Diving in Nordjylland

You will find a lot of dive sites on the east cost in Nordjylland, and also you'll have the chance to go on an exploring adventure on that coast. It covers a long distance and you can pretty much park your car everywhere and set up your gear and just walk in from the beach.

When you’re diving here, you’re diving in Kattegat, which is known to be 26 different sharks in this sea. But don’t worry they are small and only spotted by ROV’s on rare occasions. People have been seeing orcas and halibuts passing by 50 km’s out from the north east coast.

Along the way in Nordjylland you will also find lakes and some of the best visibility you can find anywhere in Denmark, just make sure that there has been no rain for 2-4 days in a row. The lakes in Denmark stir up very fast because they are connected with the small rivers carrying all the excess dirt after rainfall to the nearest lake.

The west coast of Nordjylland, is most of the year not suitable for diving. You can find some nice wrecks on its seas.


Travel to Nordjylland

North Denmark Region consists of the former North Jutland County combined with parts of the county of the former Viborg county and the western half of Mariager.

The Scenery of Nordjylland is beautiful and going on the roads along the coast will present a lot of huge green Forest’s, and big flat fields of different crops it will show a very green peninsula that is populated with a very down to earth kind of people where the primary workforce are either farmers or fishermen.

Of course there are some big cities as well and many of them carry a lot of history.

Nordjylland has a very sufficient railroad and good bus connections. It will take you where you want to go in no time, be sure to make seat reservations if your traveling by train in the weekends or holidays as trains can be crowded as it is favored transportation of the Danish people.

The dive centers of Nordjylland are mainly in the cities close to the beach. If you are traveling without your own equipment you have to find a dive centers along the coast that will take you out. If on the contrary you have your own gear, rent a car and then go to the east coast and follow it all the way up to the most southern tip of Denmark. It will present a lot of diving possibilities that is easily accessed from the beach. But be aware of some strong currents at Nordjylland’s coast.

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