Dive in Bornholm

Diving in Bornholm

When in Denmark, you’re never really far away from a diving opportunity. If you bring all of your own equipment the easiest thing to do is to rent a car and then go somewhere along the coast and follow it all the way around.

Bornholm is the best place to go diving if you want beautiful scenery, the dive sites here are spectacular visibility, compared to all other Danish seawater. No matter from which direction the wind blows, you can always find a dive spot if you’re standing in the middle of the island. The beach dives done in the north-east of Bornholm are not that deep, you will reach a maximum 8-10 meters depth. You will be able to explore this by yourself, as the only other people that will be there, might be some fishermen, or swimmers. Be aware when you’re diving on Bornholm, if there is a strong wind towards land, there will be strong undercurrents.

Because of the low salinity of the water surrounding Bornholm, you will not find so much diversity in marine life but you will find big rocks and big cracks, the most beautiful thing about diving on Bornholm, is that it will show you a wide range of different colors, making photography well worth the extra travel time it takes you to get to Bornholm.

There is a lake on Bornholm as well, it’s called the Rubinlake, translated to Rubinsøen and here you can find pearch's and pike’s. It’s a good alternative if the seas are too rough to dive in.

When you go southwest of Bornholm, you will find a lot of rocky entry points, therefore it is advised the use of boats when you want to dive here. There is some big wrecks on this side of the island and is well worth a visit especially if you are a photographer.


Travel to Bornholm

You can go to Bornholm in a couple of different ways. It takes 7 hours with ferry or 1,5 hour by plane from Køge-Sjælland, or go over the Oresund’s bridge to Ystad in Sweden and take a 1,5 hour trip on a ferry.

Bornholm is a rocky island, it belongs to Denmark even though it lies much closer to Sweden and Poland.

When Traveling on Bornholm, you will either rent a car or go by bus, depending on your budget and plan. There are some different dive centers on the Island so choose the one you like and they will take you around by boat to the dive sites that match your level.

When you’re on Bornholm there are some ancient ruins of castles, a collection of round Churches and rocking stones that is a must see. And for that reason Bornholm is very well known to be the point of all Danish 5th graders field trip.

While being on Bornholm you should rent a bike going around in the forests, but be careful with the steep downhill sections you will find.

Bornholm is also very known for its smoked herring facilities which you find everywhere along the coast. The famous national ice cream, The Krøllebølle ice cream you should definitely not miss.

The landscape of Bornholm will remind you of something much more relative to the southern parts of Europe like Spain and Italy with the outcropping rocks of granite, and the guaranteed most sunshine hours in all of Denmark.

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