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Aitutaki lagoon

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The panoramic views of super-natural Aitutaki Lagoon made ofluminescent turquoise is arguably the most beautiful in the world. Aitutaki has indeed been capturing imaginations for many hundreds of years. 

In 1789 Captain William Bligh and the men of the HMS Bounty were the first Europeans to arrive, reputedly bringing with them the succulent papaya.

In the 1950s a new wave of adventurer came by glamorous Solent Flying Boat for a leisurely refuelling stop along the fabled Coral Route, and a divine swim in the surreal lagoon waters.

Nowadays it is an idyllic place to spend honeymoons and luxury holidays. It offers a broad range of high end hotels, with all the commodities needed. However this should not withdraw backpakers and budgeted travellers, as there is also hostels possibilities on the island.

  • Aitutaki, Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean

    Aitutaki, Cook Islands, South Pacific Ocean
  • Aitutaki lagoon

    Aitutaki lagoon
  • Aitutaki atoll, Cook Islands

    Aitutaki atoll, Cook Islands