Dive in Anegada

Diving in Anegada

The only coral island in the Virgin Islands, Anegada is surrounded by beautiful shallow reefs with an abundance of sea life.  Just off the coast is the third largest continuous reef in the Eastern Caribbean called the Horseshoe Reef.

You won't find a dive centre on the island so you'll have to organise your trip from a neighbouring island but the sites are well worth visiting and you can always snorkel if you don't manage to organise a trip, head to Loblolly Bay or the less busy areas of Big Bamboo in the west or Flash of Beauty in the east.

Whether you're diving or snorkelling you will enjoy the many mazes, tunnels and outcrops and a very healthy reef with colourful hard and soft corals, nurse sharks hiding under rocks, rays, turtles, barracuda, huge groupers and schools of tropical fish.  

There are a couple of great wrecks off Anegada, including the Parmatta and the Rokus.  The gorgeous reef at Easy Loblolly Bay with some parts of a wreck and various swim through, this site will delight all levels of divers.

So be sure to take a day trip of diving to the sites around Anegada.  You won't be disappointed.

(By Kelly Luckman)

Loblolly Beach

Travel to Anegada

The name Anegada means 'Drowned Land' in Spanish and rightly so since its highest point is only 8.5m/28ft above sea level making it difficult for ships to see and more than 300 vessels have run aground here.  The island measures 17.7km/11 miles long and is 4.8km/3 miles wide, surrounded by deserted white, sandy beaches and warm Caribbean waters, its a delightful travel destination to relax and unwind.

You can get to Anegada easily by ferry from Tortola Island or a charter flight from Tortola, Virgin Gorda and St Thomas, the US Virgin Islands and the Settling Point.  Once you're there it's best to hire a jeep or scooter to see the island or water taxis if you prefer.

Accommodation options vary, there are a small selection of beach front hotels to choose from ranging between $60-$275 a night, or choose from beach cottages and even luxury villas which can work out quite cheap if you're in a group.  There are no credit card facilities or banks on the island so be sure to take cash with you.

The outstanding natural beauty of the island is a must see, flora and fauna in particular with many wonderful and rare species found.  Try to find the rock iguanas that are indigenous to the island or flamingos at the creek on the west side.  There is some excellent fishing, so see if you can catch your lunch!  Snorkelling the shallow reefs will keep you occupied for hours.  There's a nature trail at Bone's Bight or bird watching at Nutmeg Point.

Be sure to try the local cuisine, lobster is a speciality here.  Chill out at one of the beach bars with a Rum Teaser or Wreck Punch cocktail and watch the gorgeous sun set.  If you're really lucky, you might even see turtles nesting!  This is a place that dreams are made of, we hope you enjoy the wonderful island of Anegada.

(By Kelly Luckman)

  • Loblolly Beach

    Loblolly Beach
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    Anagada West End
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    Nurse Shark
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