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Scuba Diving in Bermuda

This is THE place to indulge in wreck diving, being the wreck capital of the Atlantic, it's home to over 300 sunken ships and who knows how many more have yet to be discovered.  You've all heard the stories of boats and planes going missing in the Bermuda Triangle, so many vessels have met their fate on the reefs surrounding Bermuda, the area is full of history and fabulous diving that'll keep you busy for weeks!

The very shallow, clear water in Bermuda means that any level of diver can enjoy the wrecks.  Imagine doing your first ever dive on a steam or cargo ship, paddlewheel or old sailing ship!  Now that's something special.  A lot of of the vessels only lie at depths of around 4-10 metres (12-33ft) so even snorkellers can get their fair share too.  The reefs are also pleasant diving, shallow and colourful, centres usually do 1 wreck and 1 reef dive a day.

If you have your heart set on a certain wreck you'd like to dive, then it's best to check with the dive centre beforehand to make sure they will visit the one you're after.  All the dive centres are found on Main Island and you will pay around $135USD for a 2 tank dive and about $40 a day for equipment hire.

If marine life is your preference then you'll enjoy hunting around the wrecks and reefs for giant groupers, turtles, octopi and a great number of schools of fish are always hanging around the sites.  The great macro life to be found will interest the budding photographers and sometimes in the spring you'll encounter many schools of parrotfish, different species will stay with their own group and not mingle, but this is a very rare thing and not known to occur in many places.

With over 130 smaller surrounding islands in the Bermuda area and hundreds of dive sites to visit, stay a while to really get a good overview of how fantastic the diving is here.  The season runs all year round but bad weather and sometimes hurricanes can spoil diving conditions and visibility in the months from June to November.  There's so much here for you to see under the water, we'd love to hear about your best dives in Bermuda.

(By Kelly Luckman)

Diving in Bermuda

Travel to Bermuda

Bermuda is often thought of as one island, but is actually a fascinating archipelago, consisting of the Main Island and some 138 surrounding islands.  Some are just islets or rock formations, most are deserted, and despite the number, the area is actually tiny – only 21 square miles in total.  Bermuda was founded by Juan de Bermudez in 1505 and settled by the British in 1609.

Still a British colony by choice, Bermuda has six primary peninsulas. They are all connected by bridges or causeways to the main isle, aptly named - Main Island. Hamilton is the capital, fondly known by the locals as ´Bermudaful´. 

It has a unique, laid back, relaxed charm with picturesque buildings painted a range of pastel shades. The striking grey rock is interspersed with the yellows, pinks, reds, and whites of oleander and hibiscus flowers. 

Bermuda is off the coast of America, just a two hour hop from New York. There are direct flights from the UK, Canada and the U.S and it has also become a very popular cruise destination.  To keep the ´time stood still´ feel of Bermuda, there are no hire cars available, but you can rent a scooter – and there´s an excellent public transport system. 

Bermuda doesn´t have its own distinctive cuisine, and has a largely U.S influence. Obviously seafood is in abundance and features heavily in the local dishes.  It´s also worth sampling the Hoppin´John, a tasty casserole of papaya rice and peas, often made with meat or chicken.  If you´re feeling more adventurous you can try the local speciality, Hash – made primarily with shark...

The currency is the Bermudan dollar, and accommodation ranges from great value B&B´s, intimate cottages on the beach, and the high end top luxury hotels and resorts.  Expect to pay from 85 Bermudan Dollars  a night. 

Another little slice of heaven in the Caribbean, the word Bermuda may evoke historical mysterious connotations but there´s no mystery as to why the region is so popular with holidaymakers.

(By Pamela Atkinson)

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    Diving in Bermuda
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