Dive in Port Lincoln

Diving in Port Lincoln

Great White Shark Dive, Port Lincoln - 5 Day Expedition

South Australia is the ideal location for diving with Great White Sharks. There are many Liveaboard diving  departing from Port Lincoln, and heading out into the clear blue waters of the Southern Ocean.

At the Neptune Islands you will see an array of wildlife, including many bird species, dolphins, thousands of fur seals, and the beautiful and rare Australian sea lion. This area is also the natural feeding ground of the Great White Shark. You may have seen these sharks on television documentaries wrapping their enormous jagged mouths around cages and wondered what it’s like to be face-to-face with these incredible creatures. You can experience this exciting adventure first hand by letting us put you in a specially designed shark proof cage, in the ocean off Adelaide, in sight of the most feared aquatic animal in the world - the Great White Shark. This is adrenalin at peak intensity!

Travel to Port Lincoln


Port Lincoln is a small coastal town in South Australia , almost 650 km drive from the state’s capital of Adelaide (280km if you drew a straight line).  The seafood capital of Australia and one of the best places to dive with Great White Sharks, the town has become a popular tourist destination for locals and international visitors. 

You can drive from Adelaide in about eight hours or catch a regional flight from Adelaide to the Port Lincoln airport which is 15km out of the town.  There are also daily buses that service the area.  It’s best to have a car to get around the town so you can hire one in the centre or from the airport.

Waterfront hotels start from $120 a night for a double room or there are loads of apartments to choose from with varying prices.  Cabins, caravans and camping are a great cheap option and there are some excellent properties and parks available. 

The area is full of natural beauty and most activities revolve around that.  The Lincoln National Park has some great walks such as Cape Donnington and Stamford Hill or Whalers Way for dramatic landscapes, rock falls and seals.  There are a couple of galleries and museums around town to visit or hit the water and catch your dinner!  The region is famous for its wines so be sure to visit the local vineyards and taste the selection. 

A few incredible diving and snorkelling experiences are on offer here, the most amazing being the cage diving with Great White Sharks.  There is nothing like it in world, to get up close to these prehistoric beasts is something you only dream about and you’ll never forget it.  This experience is suitable for any level.  You can also swim with the Blue Fin Tuna which is pretty cool or get up close and personal to the playful seals. 

Since the town revolves around seafood, you’ll find some fabulous restaurants around the town cooking up fresh seafood feast to delight your taste buds.  The Southern Ocean Rock Lobster is a specialty.  Catching your own fish and throwing it on the BBQ is a satisfying meal.  You can chill out with a beer or glass of local wine at one of the bars around town or watch the sunset from the Marina Hotel which overlooks the water. 

An amazing place to stay a few days, with unique experiences and activities of a different kind, you’ll sure to have a blast.


(By Kelly Luckman)