Dive in Daydream Island

Travel to Daydream Island

One of the seven Molle Islands and in the Whitsunday Island group, Daydream Island can be enjoyed as a holiday or just a day trip from the mainland.  The island is 1km long and 400 metres at its widest point and has only 1 resort to choose from which is cheaper than most of the similar resort islands but still quite pricey.  So visiting for the day is a good, cheap way to enjoy Daydream.

The closest airport is on Hamilton Island and a 30 minute boat ride will get you there.  The other way is to fly to Proserpine airport, get a coach to the port at Airlie Beach , and again it’s a 30 minute boat ride to the island.  You can also charter a private helicopter for an extra special experience.

There is only one resort on the island, but it is a world class spa resort and very nice indeed.  A garden room will set you back $350 and an ocean view room is $450 a night.  This includes breakfast so you’ll need to buy lunch and dinner too.   There are several restaurants and bars offering a variety of different culinary styles.

There are lots of fun activities to enjoy.  For relaxation, take a dip in the pool or crystal clear water, enjoy a massage or sauna or just chill out on the beach with a book.  There’s tennis, fishing, waterskiing, billiards, hiking, mini golf, canoeing and of course diving and snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef .  The resort has a dive centre that can assist you with fun diving or courses.  Try dives in the pool are regularly available, so you can practice before trying it for real on the reef.

The Living Reef is something special, one of the largest man-made living coral reef lagoons in the world, which holds 80 species of fish and 50 different types of coral.  Guests get to hand feed the local residents including sting rays, sharks and barramundi.

There are a few dive sites around the island directly accessible from the shore but the currents can be very strong during summer full moons and drift diving is an option during these times.  Monsoon rain can affects visibility due to off shore runoff.  There are a lot of fish on the reef and you might see a ray or turtle.  The most popular sites are Vaughan ’s Point, Lover’s Cove and Staff Jetty.  Snorkelling is also available right off the shore along the island’s fringing reef.

Sit back and daydream about Daydream Island , maybe this is your next holiday destination?


(By Kelly Luckman)