Dive in Coffs Harbour

Travel to Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is famous for its bananas, fishing and almost perfect climate.  The town is located approximately 350km south of Brisbane and about 570km north of Sydney making it a popular holiday destination for these cities.  The surrounding mountains and gorgeous beaches make this picturesque town a must see on your list of places to visit along the east coast.

The town is well connected with transport from Brisbane or Sydney with regular flights, buses and trains.  You can also fly from Melbourne .  Hiring a car is a good way to see the surrounding area and it’s an enjoyable drive along the coast which only takes a few hours, longer if you want to stop along the way.

If you want to be near the beach then there are some good options for accommodation.  A dorm bed starts at $25 a night, a double room in a hostel from $50-$60 and a nice suite in a resort starts at $120. 

Most people come here for the beaches and watersports and you’ll find every type available.  There’s a creek that runs through the town so a kayak or canoe tour is an enjoyable trip.  The Pittwater to Coffs Harbour yacht race ends here and it’s a great site to see if you happen to be there at the time.  The city also hosts a fabulous food and wine festival and the Gold Cup horse race in early August.  There are 4WD mountain trail tours or you can see the area on horseback if you prefer.  The area is known for its fish so be sure to try the local fish and chips feast. 

There are a couple of dive centres in the town and the dive sites are located 90km north off the coast in the Solitary Islands Marine Park.  You can about 25 sites to choose from but they can be dependent on the weather conditions.  Winter is a great time to see mantas and leopard sharks but the water is a little chilly.  Grey nurse sharks are also often spotted in area along with many different species of sub-tropical fish and corals.  You might also see the rare ornate ghost pipe fish if you’re lucky.

You’ll have a great time exploring Coffs Harbour and all the activities the area has to offer. 


(By Kelly Luckman)

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