WIT Shoal Wreck

Saint Thomas Island, Virgin Islands

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Dive WIT Shoal Wreck

Deep Wreck

Probably the most famous dive in the USVI, the WIT Shoal is a popular deep wreck. Located some miles out from St Thomas, it was illegally sunk in shallower waters when it was supposed to be sunk off the deep dropoff miles further out.

However, the wreck is relatively in tact, and having sunk in 1984 has now attracted a host of marine life. The wreck is fairly large (327 feet), and one can swim through penetration on most of the decks. Because of the large amount of external light, and the lack of confined spaces, pentration training is not normally needed.

It sits on sand at 70 feet (although parts inside the wreck reach deeper). The wheelhouse is at 30 feet.

More info: http://www.caribdiveguide.com/WIT_shoal.htm

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