USS Saratoga

Bikini Lagoon, Micronesia

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The world's only diveable aircraft carrier. At 888 feet long, it may be the largest wreck you will ever dive on! She is sitting upright at a bottom depth of 180 feet. Her flight deck is accessible at 95 feet, with the superstructure rising as shallow as 40 feet. Situated at 130 feet is the hanger deck, where you still can see the Helldiver airplanes with intact instrument gauges, even the "autopilot" switch is readable. Further back on the aft hangar, you will witness the Saratoga's weapons of destruction. You will see, but not touch, the huge aerial torpedoes and air to ground rockets that were placed there for the tests. The deck of the wreck is filled with AA gun directors accompanied by schools of dogtooth tuna, barracudas and sharks that will offer great photo opportunities. The USS Saratoga's bow is so big that its sight will take your breath away! Daniel Lenihan, the chief of the National Park Service Submerged Cultural Resources Unit exclaims, "Anybody whose heart is not pumping as they swim down onto the deck of the USS SARATOGA, just is not alive!"

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