The Suzy wreck

The Suzy wreck, Goa

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A very forgettable wreck dive. We had 2-4 m viz, and an annoying wave driven current, which kept trying to bang us into the ship, which is home to some VERY WELL camouflaged scorpionfish by the way...

If you must dive during your holiday in Goa, find some dive sites further from the shore...

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Nigel May 9th, 2012 - 21:17:
Suzy's wreck or to give its proper name SS Rita is an ok dive site, i have dived it many times, some days the viz is shocking but on the occasional times the viz is good its a very nice dive site. Its not deep and so accesable to everyone, and the bow section is teaming with life. The trouble with diving in Goa is this site is to near the mainland and so gets all the silt and sediment run off from the land, however its a good place to learn to dive and hone your skills. For experienced divers then you should look to dive at Netrani (150km away), the dive shops in Goa can arrange this, this site is amazing and as good as anything i have seen in Thailand for example.

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