The SS King Cadwallon Wreck

East London, South Africa

Ambiance Wreck

The British screw steamer, the King Cadwallon collided with rocks in off the Esplanade on the 11th September 1929, and finally rested on shore after burning out. Interestingly, she caught alight approx. 11 km's off Durban and was abandoned. She continued drifting for 41 days in total until resting in East London. All that remains are remnants and the boilers are still pretty much intact. Tropical fish are common in the area.

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Kobus Horn March 7th, 2019 - 16:52:
Logged 322 dives on the wreck, pre -disturbance survey. Do not under estimate the strength of the wave action combine with low tide. brings u quite close to the the main shaft. nice dive. Vis at times not so good. Best month to dive is May. part of the survey of all the wrecks from nahoon to hood point.

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