The Shipyard

Faadhippolhu Atoll, Maldives

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On the east side of Felivaru Kandu you can get to the shipyard. Two wrecks in the channel that separates the islands. Easy to find because one of the wrecks has the bow about 5m out of the water. The boat belonged to the Felivaru fish factory and was moored to the jetty for the years. In 1985 it was towed out of the sea when there was a fire. The second boat sank in 1992 and lays on its side. The current on the channel can be quite strong so the diving might be difficult. There are also small caves around with scorpionfishes. Lots of reef fishes can be found inside, like morays, boxfish, puffer and porcupinefish, angelfishes and red bass. Also is possible to see pelagics and grey reef sharks and white tips.

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