Tarpon Hole

Xcalak, Mexican Caribbean

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Dive Tarpon Hole

Ambiance Reef

Deep slot just outside of reef where large schools of huge tarpon rest along with some very large grouper. Great place to swim amongst huge tarpon and grouper. This is a unique geographical formation-the only one in the entire Great Maya Reef. Geologists are still uncertain about the development of this trench that runs parallel to shore for about ½ a mile. Like a box canyon, the trench begins shallow then becomes wider and deeper. On one side is a coral wall, on the other a sand hill slopes down from shallow water.

Due to the strong currents and rich nutrients in the water, this is the favorite hang out for lots of big fish. You will drop down the coral wall into a highway of 3-7 foot tarpon, large schools of jack and snapper, and giant midnight blue parrotfish.

Watch along the wall for lobster holes, morays, schools of small fry, black coral, and many other exotic reef inhabitants. We generally end this dive at a pinnacle, the “Piedra del Mundo”, that rises from the bottom of the trench to 15 feet below the surface. The perfect place for a safety stop!!!
We dove with XTC Diving in Xcalak, the departure point for Chinchorro Reef.

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