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Star Of Russia, Efate island

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STAR OF RUSSIA: 80 metres in length and 13 metres in breadth, this grand old lady of the sailing ship days rests in Port Vila Harbor holding court for the divers attending by countless varieties of tropical fish fussing around on the tour around the shipwreck. Following the buoyed line to a depth of 33 metres take a leisurely swim through the body of the ship which again, due to the rotting away of the teak decking, is perfectly safe for a penetration. Built of bolted iron plates (shiplap style), the hull is intact with a romantic shapely bow. Divers can inspect the old anchor weighting equipment and huge main bollard in the forward section, dead eyes and rigging along the railings, three massive masts and remains of a crow?s nest, to the wheel machinery at the stern which manipulated the rudder. A great shipwreck to enjoy and quite definitely of historical interest, the ?Star of Russia? was built by Harlan and Wolff of Belfast (also famous for construction of the Titanic). A challenging race was set up in the early 1900?s between this fast sailing ship and the first of the exciting new steamships ? both crafts left Liverpool together, the steam ship setting off direct for Australia and the ?Star of Russia? heading south to catch the wind ? imagine the reaction when the steam ship puffed into Port Phillip Bay to find the ?Star of Russia? had arrived three days earlier!!

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