Siyul Kebira (Big Siyul)

El Gouna, Egypt

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Dive Siyul Kebira (Big Siyul)

Reef Drift

This is a small low lying island around one and a half hours north of El Gouna. The island has a reef completely surrounding it and has two main dive sites: El Gilwa and Siyul Kebira.

Siyul Kebira is a beautiful dive at the north east corner of the island where there is a chance to find leopard sharks sleeping on the sandy bottom. Turtles, giant puffer fish, lion fish and moray eels can often be seen here. The highlight of the dive is a small pinnacle at the turning point of the dive, which has lovely soft corals and is home to thousands of glass fish and small moray eels. The return to the boat is like swimming in an aquarium due to the abundance of marine life. When there is a strong north current this dive can be done as a drift, passing the pinnacle en route to the moored dive boat.

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