Semle Federsen

Semle Federsen, Efate island

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Deep Wreck

A cargo carrying trading vessel well known around these islands over many years, this strong old ship was about to be relegated to the scrap heap as useless in 1985, when the Ports and Marine Department were persuaded that she would indeed be very useful as a new dive site and a home for the plants and animals of the sea along the Pango Coast in Mele Bay and this is where she reclines now. The ?Semle? moved down the reef during Cyclone Uma in 1987 and the stern area cabins and wheelhouse can be dived within 40 metres. The clarity of the water at this site is a feature, i.e. if you can see the whole ship at a glance while descending the mooring line; you have over 60 metres viz. As a build up towards the ?President Coolidge? in Santo, the ?Semle? is a valuable experience.

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Aigar February 21st, 2014 - 15:06:
It was best dive site for me during my 3 weeks diving trip to Vanuatu. It was deep and really nice wreck. And visibility, just so stunning. If You like making underwater photos then this is on must go site. Around wreck have lots of colorful soft corals.

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