Grevelingen, Zeeland

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Dive Scharendijke

Deep Wreck

The primary life here are Lobsters and Crabs. The lobsters were HUGE (2+ feet) and they were everywhere. There were many soft shell crabs 6-8 inches in diameter as well.

There is a platform at 9M with a buoy. This is good for training etc and there is a railing around the platform.

There is a wall of Reef-Balls to the south and east of the platform. These are like 3 foot metal whiffle balls and home to dozens of lobsters and crabs. Very interesting to explore and peek in all the holes.

Entry and exit are easy, just be careful as the rocks can get a bit slick.

One last note: Tanks can be filled 24/7 from an outside ?vending machine? or automat located on the south end of the hotel/restaurant. The machine takes 0.50? coins, and usually needs 5-6 to fill a 10L tank. Put the coins in one at a time, and you?ll get a ?squirt? of air for each one. There is a pressure gage on the machine, but it seems to read a little low. In any event, the machine won?t fill past 200 bar, so the worst case is that you put in one coin too many, and get no more air.

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