Santa Catalina Wall

La Romana and Saona Island, Dominican Republic

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The best wall of Dominican Republic, all the reef life you think, you can see. You start in the platform where the boat let you with 5 to 10 m depth, is like a tropical aquarium. You go to the wall, suddenly, 40 m wall vertical, you dive between 10 to 40 m, to the south, during 20 to 30 minutes depend of your depth dive, you go up, and you make your parada de seguridad, looking fishes, coral, etc... when you comeback to the boat, Great dive, big fun.

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Antonio September 28th, 2013 - 16:47:
Catalina Wall represent a unique dive site for the Dominican republic. Is the only real vertical wall in a place otherwise characterized by shallow water coral garden. It is exposed to the current coming in from the Atlantic Ocean, so the best time to dive there is the early morning. The coral structures are really nice and pretty healthy if compared to other sites of this portion of Caribbean sea, although it is really uncommon to meet in here sharks or turtles or any other big animal populating this waters. Overall it is a nice spot if you like tiny animals and coral reefs.

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