Ras Za'atar

Ras Mohammed National Park, Egypt

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Reef Wall

Ras Za'atir is located on the northern tip of the Ras Muhammed Peninsula and is within the boundaries of the Ras Muhammed National Park. The reef at this site is similar but more contoured than Ras Ghozlani, with many cracks and fissures, some forming small caves which can be entered

It is made up of a steep wall and some large caves. Just before the corner look out for the chimney at 15m, home to malabar grouper. Look closer and find the cleaning stations with the wrasse and shrimp in attendance. Don't forget to check out the blue for schools of barracuda and jacks or the odd eagle ray cruising by.

The current runs along the sheer wall from the north to the south and into a cove. There is a reasonable range of coral species, both hard and soft and a large-scale growth of xeniid soft corals. Coral quality is generally good, but suffers from silting and sandfall, particularly from the north. There are some large caves that are filled with glass sweepers and soft corals. Black coral trees are found deeper along the wall and are the home to many long nose hawkfish. The shallow areas of the wall are excellent places for macro photography.

There are many small invertebrates, like the feather tube worms, corals and nudibranchs. Large open water fish are also found in this area. Because Ras Za'atir is dived less often than its neighbour, Shark Reef, there are more open ocean fish here. You can often see barracudas, manta rays and sharks. There may be even more sharks at Ras Za'atir than at Shark Bay.

The typical depth range of Ras Za'atir is 20 to 165 feet and is best accessed by a drift boat dive or local guide. Entry fee: 5 Euro (paid locally)

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