Pulau Pisang

Brena Baja, La Palma

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Dive Pulau Pisang

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Pulau Pisang is a very remote island in Irian Jaya / Western Papua. This island is only rarely visited by liveaboards, usually as a stopover on the way from Misool to the Triton bay.

The diving at Pulau Pisang was extremely rewarding. On the first dive we have seen as shoal of about 25 eagle rays, a manta ray, turtles, sharks, a group of good sized bumphead parrot fish and plenty of macro animals as well (including pink and yellow hippocampus bargibanti).

Diving is mostly along a wall,which has in some areas a dense cover of black coral and sponges, and some big boomies which a a good cover of fans, black and whip coral. There a pigmy seahorses in quite a few fans.

Close to the surface, at the reef top, there is a cave (at least 20m long) which is home to a lot of glasfish. The landscape at this dive spot is as spectacular as the animals which can be seen here.

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