Mixing Bowl

Little Cayman, Cayman Islands

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Dive Mixing Bowl

Ambiance Reef Sharks Wall

The most interesting geological dive site in the Bloody Bay Marine Park, where two Walls collide, one with a step the other a "free fall" wall! A real mix of a dive site, with all the best of the Marine Biology available on Little Cayman.

I can recommend the Southern Cross club dive centre. (Best scored Dive Centre in the Cayman Islands).

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Chris & Bruce October 7th, 2011 - 17:15:
Unbelievable! Brac Reef resort couldn't guarantee a trip to Little Cayman so we hired a local fisherman - Dewayne, captain of the Cool Breeze. He took us right to Mixing bowl and we had the dive of a lifetime. Large schools of fish being chased by bigger fish; a black tip shark hovering over the edge; a turtle and more. We entered what we thought was a swim through, but swam straight up a 50 foot chimney. Worth the effort it took to get here.

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