Mitilini wreck

Halkidiki, Greece

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The History

Just ten minutes by boat from the cost shipwreck "Mitilini" is located. Under the German flag cargo ship has sunk in autumn 1961 2 miles northeast of the coast of Sani and northwest of the rift "Kipsa" at the distance of 600 m of the shore.

It sank by a breakedge due to a crash in the propeller during a severe storm it drifted in the open of the tower of Sani.

According to the later captain of cargo ship Mr. T. Ananidas who was one of the younger member of the crew "Mitilini" was an old river ship made in 1941, an then again renovated to perform voyages in the line of Mitilini - Thessaloniki.

It was a cargo ship it carried barrels of wine and groceries.

But unfortunately it didn't make it. A gigantic wave threw the ship to the shore dragging the stern on to the rocks. Luckily there were no casualties just the cargo was lost.

By the passing of the ages the wreck had been transformed into a living reef full of sea flora and fiona: fish like blackfish, gruper, congerell, octapuses, crayfish, sponges, corals, sea anemones, spirographs, piners and lots of little fish and a variety of shellfish find refuge in every lonely corner of the sunken ship. However during summer there appear big sea fish like tuna and sword fish.

The bridge of the shipwreck, the big and the small storeroom, the tow track of the imposing prow, the crashed stern, the spread bottles all over' the ship remained there from the last cargo.

Also dozen meters of rope, nets and large fishing nets spread along the deck of the ship, complete the sightseeing of the wrack during the dive.

The wreck "Mitilini" rests today in the sandy depths n Sani in the distance of 20 meters. It's 40 meters long and it's waiting to be discovered.

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