Mid Reef

Tunku Abdul Rahman, Sabah

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Mid Reef is situated east of Pulau Manukan and is a submerged reef covered with hard coral, sponges and anemones. Click here for a photo of a Marble mouth Frogfish (Lophiocharon lithinostomus) found there.

  • Frogfish


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Zuma May 11th, 2012 - 13:37:
Mid reef is located in Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine Park in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in Borneo. The reef starts at about 4 meters on top, sloping gradually to about 20-22 meters sandy and silty bottom. There is a lot of artificial reef balls scattered on the shallow part of the reef. Not much big corals here, just a few small coral heads here and there and loads of coral rocks and rubbles everywhere. The reef balls are much more interesting as they are now hosting impressive sizes of tabulate staghorn corals since they have been deployed.Some of them have grown to more than 1m in diameter! More interesting things to be seen on this dive site are the abundance of fish like the school of yellow snappers nearby the wooden fishing boat wreck which lies at about 17m of depth. There is also chance of finding a few seahorses near this wreck if you look carefully. And all over this reef you will have no trouble finding the beautiful nudis.

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