Marico Oog

Gauteng, South Africa

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Dive Marico Oog

Ambiance Fresh water Lagoon

Crystal clear water, floating water lilies, and a fresh water bed of broad-leaved plants are what creates the fairy tale called Marico Oog. This place of magical beauty is home to various fish species, crab and fresh water eels.

Apart form great daytime dives, the highlight of Marico oog is the intimate night time dives of a 12 meter maximum depth, with a blanket of stars and moon shining down over you through the water...

Marico Oog consists of four swimable parts. The first is a +-10 meter stretch, +-1.8 meter deep and 2 meters wide through a pond covered by floating water lilies. The lilies have stems that trail away lazily to the bottom. The bottom of this passage is covered with a green, broad leaved plant that gives you the impression of swimming over a lush carpet.

  • Marico Oog

    Marico Oog

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