Mabini Padre (Blue Water Wreck)

Labuan, Sabah


This wreck lies northeast of Kuraman Island and is 34 km from Labuan. It gets its name from the clear 'blue' waters it lies lies in and of all the wrecks in the area this one has the best visibility. The Mabini Padre is a large Philippines fishing trawler, which caught fire and sank in 1981. The vessel lies on its port side in 35 metres with the starboard side rising to 24 metres. The side is a garden of soft corals ( dendronephthya ) and marine growth has encompassed a lot of this ship.

The hull is easily penetrated aft of the bridge superstructure, however, as in all wrecks, the chance of a rust-out, particularly in any machine spaces is an ever present risk. The swim through the stern trawl shute allows divers to pass round and under the stern to observe the single screw.

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