Le vieux port

Basque Coast, Aquitaine

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Dive Le vieux port


This site is situated near the beach so it's very shallow and easy for beginners. It's also interesting because you can dive there regardless of tide.

You can find there all the fixed fauna of Basque Coast, cuttlefishes.

One seahorse use to live there but I'm not sure he's still living

very interesting for macro photographer

Main problem: this beach is the only one with no waves so very crowded in summer by old people, parents with children when there are waves in all the Biarritz's beaches. These people rarely enjoy to have bubbles under them when they bath

The best way to enjoy this site is to come divind not is the summer. In summer, you can dive there early when tourists are not there or by night (and then have a drink in one of numerous bars around)

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