Le Togo

Cavalaire Sainte Maxime, France

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Deep Wreck

One of the most beautiful wrecks of the French rivivera. This cargo ship (76m long) sunk on a mine during WWI (12 May 1918), its front part lies upright at a depth of 45-55m. It is a difficult but rewarding dive (max. 15 minutes bottom time if you dive with air, and approx. 20 min for ascent+decompression stops). Consider using enriched air for decompression.


IMPORTANT: the stern is 170m away (bearing: 140?) at a depth of 69m (Trimix highly recommended). DO NOT attemp to dive both during the same dive, as you would run out of air, and face extreme decompression stops. There is enough to see anyway on both parts of the wreck to make it worth (at least) a dive each.

This wreck is referenced under SHOM18036011

Lat: 43?10'124N

Long: 06?35'622E

Datum: EUR50

More informations available in the following book: "100 belles plongees varoises", Editions GAP, 2003, ISBN:2 7417 0276 4

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