Kudadhoo Corner

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Kudadhoo Corner

Reef Drift Wall

Also known as Kudadhoo Etheru Faru this is a wall dive in the channel between Kudadhoo and Ariyadhoo. The reef starts at 3m and it drops off to more than 40m on the southern side, and to 30 in the north. There is a small canyon that starts on the reef top and goes down to 15. Inside there are nice black coral bushes and usually batfishes, bannerfish, etc. If there is outgoing current is better to start before the canyon on the norht and spend sometime with the rock formations, then drift along with the current.

The south part is a different dive called Kudadhoo Beyru and is the wall slope that goes very deep. In the past, whale sharks have been seen here, but not anymore. Now is possible to see grey reef sharks, napoleon wrasse and several kinds of grouper.

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