Koh Ha

Koh Lanta, Thailand

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Ambiance Cave Reef

Five Islands located off the west coast of Koh Lanta compose the lagoon known as Koh Ha. The topography at Koh Haa, both above and below the surface is really quite beautiful. All the islands have different things to offer.

The highlight of diving here is cave diving with a series of underwater caves, the largest cavern of the islands is located in Koh Ha Yai. There is a lagoon situated in the middle of islands 2, 3 and 4. A sandy bottom at 6m, with coral boulders and many small reef fish, which makes this site ideal for introductory dives (see our section on courses) or snorkelling if diving is not your preference. Venturing away from the lagoon to the outer edge of the plateau the seabed starts to slope away from you to depths of approximately 25m.

Island 1 is famous for its great swim throughs. And islands 2 and 4 are the smallest of the islands and a nice figure of 8 dive can be made around the two. Look out for the lionfish there, hovering motionless with their fins displaying an almost regal pose. The porcupine puffer fish are extremely inquisitive and seem to enjoy watching the students undertaking their skills. Garden Eels can be seen, but approach slowly and quietly as they quickly take cover back into the sand if they are aware of your approach.

Visibility is more often than not quite good at the Koh Haa islands, up to 25m on a good day.

  • Koh Haa lagoon

    Koh Haa lagoon

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