Viti Levu, Fiji

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Dive Gunbarrel

Big Fishes Deep Reef Sharks Drift Wall

The legendary ?Gunbarrel? ? Not for first timers!

An adrenalin dive for the first part of the dive as you fly through an underwater canyon, herding the schools of snapper and surgeon fish through the narrow underwater gorge.

Graceful grey reef and white tip sharks glide up and down the walls through all the swirling fish. The canyon then opens up to an underwater beach where the current suddenly stops and we pause and wait for the sharks to return single file past us back into the channel. Then a short swim through takes us out into the clear blue of the Pacific.

The second half of the dive is very different ? a leisurely meander over hard coral gardens and though a long, sunlit tunnel with a wavy sandy floor, before we drift up through the sun pierced blue to surface by the boat.

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