Ellaidhoo house reef

North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Ellaidhoo house reef

Reef Wall

This is probably one of the best and more convenient house reefs in the whole Maldives. Right on the south of Ellaidhoo you can jump from the jetty or from the beach and there is a 750m long wall dive full of caves, cavities, seafans, hard and soft coral, sponges and lots of life. The sandy bottom is at 25 - 30. Close to the jetty there is a very small wreck at 15m lying upside down. Lots of caves can be found between 10 and 15m, some of them as big as 20m, with whip corals inside.

The housereef is very beautiful, featuring moorish idol, oriental sweetlips, squirrelfish, schools of soldierfish and snapper, also angelfishes (even juveniles), butterfly fish, etc.
In the small holes there's always lobsters, morays and cleaning shrimps with them. Nudibranches are common (Although not the best ones) and in the bottom you can spot stingrays

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