E6 - Dive Wananavu Fiji

Bligh Water and Koro Island, Fiji

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Dive E6 - Dive Wananavu Fiji

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Dive Wananavu’s furthest out site, and one of Fiji’s best known dive sites. Dive Wananavu is the only island based operation landing on this amazing pinnacle located between the main Fiji island of Viti Levu (our base) and Vanua Levu, to our north, in the middle of the Bligh Waters. E6 was aptly named after the amount of E6 Slide film shot when this dive site was first discovered (yeah it was that long ago, remember slide film?) This amazing pinnacle rises from the depth of the ocean some 3000 ft+ (900m) up to just a few feet (1/2 metre) from the surface and is teaming in hard corals on top, soft corals on the protected sides with reef fish and schools of pelagic fish found where the current rushes past. This current is what supplies the nutrients that makes E6 and the whole Vatu-I-Ra passage and the Bligh Water so rich with healthy lush corals, but don’t worry there is always somewhere to hide in the current shadow if you get tired of swimming.

In the middle of E6 is a swim through aptly nicknamed Cathedrals. With huge arches and just as equally big Gorgonian fans decorating the sides and roofs, sun light beams down creating an almost religious diving experience inside before swimming out onto the steep drop into the blue abyss. There is nothing like diving the Bligh.

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