Dhigurah Thila

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Dhigurah Thila

Cave Reef Wall

Dhigurashu Kandu is the top south-east kandu of south ari. In the middle of the kandu there are several dive sites, such as Dhangethi thila, broken rock or Thinfushi Ethere thila. Dhigurah Thila is the southern dive site of the channel and also the biggest thila. It has a long and narrow shape of about 500 longitude, and goes from 10m to more than 30. Beginning at 10m there are overhangs all around the perimeter and some caves form. Inside the caves are lots of sea ships, seafans and bushes of black corals, sometims with lots of feather stars. Inside many different kinds of shrimps can be found, along with the typical squirrelfish or cardinalfish.
The most eastern part is a big rocky outcrop of the reef that might be a collapsed old cave. Here concentrates the main pelagic fishes, tunas, grey reef sharks and jacks. Is a nice place to spot juvenile reef fishes, also unicorn fish and scribled fiulefish.

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