Crash Boat Piers

Crash Boat Piers, Puerto Rico

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Big Fishes

From the beach you can follow the main pier out on eihter side. Facing out on the left are two square free standing piers. The pillars on all of the piers are covered in sealife and many fish hang around underneath. On the right of the main pier there is one self standing pier same as on the left, but if you go to the right of the self standing pier there is one that has collapsed and is completly submerged. Every day you can find sergeants, tangs, angelfishes, filefishes, trunkfishes, goatfishes, butterflyfishes, damselfishes, flounders, snappers, wrasses, moray eels, rockfishes, sand divers; occasionally you can find sea turtles, porkfishes, flying gurnards, squids, octopus, trumpetfish; and if you are lucky enough you can even find seahorses. IF you go straight out past the piers the water will drop to 80 feet but there is nothing to see.

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