Coral Hills

South Ari Atoll, Maldives

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Dive Coral Hills

Big Fishes

Located on the west side of the Ari Atoll here you can find two Manta clenaing stations. When diving on Coral Hills, you will jump on a chain of Giris (underwater mountain which reaches the surface) and drift along corals in an average depth of 10 meters. It is already possible to see the first Mantas passing by, but they will not stay, because they are already cleaned. Normaly we jumped so that it took us a maximum of 10 minutes to reach the cleaning station. 
The place looks like a theater with a stage. The cleaning staion itself is a coral block starting at 18 meters and going up to 15 meters. The coral is full of glas fish, a lot of cleaning fish and other critter stuff, so also if Mantas do not show up you can still enjoy it, the soft corals are giving an extra touch to it . 
There is a sandy area on the north. The north side of the Giri next to the cleaning station is aranged like an arena, with a lots of destroyed coral, so the divers can easily put the reef hooks in the dead coral. Over there you can witness Mantas playing with each other pushing each other off the cleaning station.

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