Blue Corner

Koror, Palau

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This is without doubt the most famous site around Palau and the one that everyone wants to visit. Depths and currents, however, will not make it suitable for everyone.

The reef extends far out into the Pacific at an average depth of only 10m. There are vertical walls on either side that drop to a ledge at 15m and then away into the depths. What makes this site so interesting is the variety of marine life that is attracted here by the currents. When conditions are right, particularly if the current runs from the east and there is an upwelling from below, the sights can be truely spectacular.

You can expect to encounter plenty of whitetip and grey reef sharks, barracuda, jacks, rays, tuna, snapper, wrasse and bass. A myriad of smaller reef fish inhabit the area as well. The opportunities for photography are excellent, but keeping oneself still in the current was virtually impossible until dive operators "invented" the reef hook. This allows you attach yourself to the coral - without causing damage to it - and keep both hands free to record the wonders around you.

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