Andros Island - Amphitheatre

Andros Island, Bahamas

Big Fishes Deep Reef

This sites coral structure is incredible. There is a large sand patch at 18m> surrounded by rising coral walls to depths of around 8m giving this site its name. Down on the sand you can sea southern stingray and goatfish and to the south there is often a large resident turtle (can't remember which species at the mo). However most of the life can be found round the side. Large grouper and snappers can be found among the gullys which provide some fun swim throughs and then a vast variety of fish can be found on the coral heads such as hamlets, the abundant parrotfish and wrasse with the odd Lionfish lolling around amongst countless other species. We also spotted smaller green turtles flitting away at the top of the coral ledges. Be carefull however on some swim throughs to the east which can lead deeper and no doubt lead to the drop off to the tongue of the ocean (A 2000m trench between Andros and New Providence Island).

  • Southern Stingray

    Southern Stingray

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