TRACC - Borneo

TRACC - Borneo

Semporna, Sabah

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TRACC-borneo is a non profit Marine science school and marine conservation centre. We plant corals, protect turtles, fish and sharks. We teach marine science to divers, students and tourists in short and long courses and conduct marine science studies at several sites in Sabah, Malaysia. We work with other NGO's and the government towards development of marine protected areas. If you want to help repair reefs or learn from professional marine scientists, we would love to hear from you.

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  • PADI
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More information about TRACC - Borneo

We teach diving as a means towards actually working underwater. We do research, surveys and other studies to document or learn about marine life. We dive form boats or the beach at beautiful Pom Pom Island. We dive with a small number of dedicated conservation minded people. This is not tourist diving although we have lots of fun, take lots of photos and dive some great sites.

  • coral planting on bottle reefs

    coral planting on bottle reefs
  • Building a reef

    Building a reef
  • Baby Ghost Pipe fish on one of our bottle reefs

    Baby Ghost Pipe fish on one of our bottle reefs
  • beautiful beach

    beautiful beach
  • Pom Pom Is a turtle nesting site, we have many!

    Pom Pom Is a turtle nesting site, we have many!
  • dive instruction

    dive instruction

Reviews (2)

November 20th, 2016 - 11:16:
Tracc so amazing! I do my EFR Rescue DMT here. 16 weeks but not expensive. Living in tent is ok, got fan, can charging my phone. Everyday diving planting coral. No coral no fish alredy but got coral, got fish. :-) Food also v.good.
September 23rd, 2015 - 5:39:
TRACC is not a tourist dive resort it is a very focused marine conservation centre where ordinary divers can help scientists to protect reefs. This is a cheap place to dive on a great reef for a long period, most dive centres promote visits for a few days, TRACC generally expects visitors to stay for 7 days minimum and many stay for 12 weeks. Think how much underwater time yu can get in a week with unlimited diving. Many people do 4 dives each day. I managed 5 dives on 1 day. Two boat dives and 3 walkin from the beach. Cheap diving comes with a price, the accomodation is basic but the food is good and there is more snacks available than at most dive resorts. Oh Yeah, you will be expected to work underwater to plant reefs, its fun and i learnt how to use lift bags, plant coral as well as construct artificial reefs. Diving is at about 50% work dives and 50% laisure but uw photography often counts as work and drift dives to look for big fish are a great work!!! dive. I would really like more work dives like these in real life. clear warm water, a dropoff straight off the beach and some really cool macro. Pom Pom island has better muck diving and macro life than Mabul or Kapali. But the walls and the drifts have big fish and always lots and lots of turtles. See you there.

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