The True Maldives

The True Maldives

North Ari Atoll, Maldives

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The True Maldives is active in the Maldives for almost 20 years organising adventurous dive safaris (liveaboards) for serious divers. We specialise in quality dive safaris with large marine animals.
We mainly organise longer safaris to be out of sync with the other boats. This makes sure we hardly meet any other boats on the dive sites.
With the longer trips we are also less dependent on the weather. If we have strong winds on one day we have still enough time to catch a whale sharks.

We make 3 dives a day except first and last diving day (both 1 dive), we visit inhabited or uninhabited islands. There is the possibility for snorkelling or fishing. Of course there is still plenty of time to read a book.

We don't have a fixed route but we go where the animals are seen and what our guests want to see. In recent years, the South of the Ari Atoll has become very popular because of the large numbers of Whale Sharks.

  • Whaleshark

  • Manta ballet

    Manta ballet
  • Green Turtle

    Green Turtle
  • Grey reefshark

    Grey reefshark
  • Napoleon's eye

    Napoleon's eye
  • Leopard


Reviews (2)

January 17th, 2013 - 16:56:
Fantastic 14-day dive-safari. Bas and Hamid as fabulous host/guide, nice group of people, comfortable boat and a great, hospitable crew. Seen all I wished for. Sharks and manta's during day and night dives including whale shark and Manta Manta Manta!!! Thanks for an unforgettable experience. Hope to see the maldives again, who knows on Bas his own boat; Insha'allah! greetings and nice, safe dives to all!
December 7th, 2012 - 17:03:
TEEEEAAAAA, COOOOOOFFEEEEEEEE, BREEEEAAAAAAFIIIIIING.. What a fantastic way to start a day, I love it. Morning dive with such a splendid crew, Bas and Ahmit, not to say after the dive tehre's breakky (Breakfast), My fav. Tuna mixed with coconut and pankages. 14 days packed with action, REALLY worth every penny... Sharks, Mantas, Mantas.. you name it.. I'm defenitly going back to Bas new boat when he get's it.. And for the Danes, gr det, det er sindsygt lækkert, det er virkelig en FANTASTISK oplevelse, dykningen er på højt (dybt) plan, der er tale om koncentreret hardcore dykning, men hvor sikkerhed stadig er prioriteret på det højeste.. En meget erfaren Bas som leder af det hele og her er en mand som har prøvet lidt af hvert, han har sindsyg mange gode historier at fortælle og vise jer.. For the rest, just do it, don't even consider not doing it!! It's really worth it.. Best Regards Skipper , Remember.. Only love, Only Love

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