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Pondicherry, India

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Imagine diving where no one else has before. How many of us are able to say no one has ever seen this place before me? Well, the team at Temple Adventures Scuba Diving Pondicherry on the East Coast of India are doing this on a regular basis, and are taking divers to see these new discoveries daily. With interest in SCUBA and water sports in general rising in India, the area is rapidly becoming famous, due to it’s beauty, but also as it is so unexpected.  A common occurrence is the surprise on diver’s face’s as they see terrific marine life, with good visibility, and have a great day out with a world class dive operation.To date there are over 20 named and established regular dive sites used and commonly known. Another 10 are under research and mapping at the present time, but are shown to regular divers. A further 5 large areas, which spread up and down the coast are well guarded secrets of the local dive community. They may come into the open in the future, but for now locations are unknown to the public. The best time to dive this coast is during the calmer months of January to May, when visibility is at its best (Up to 40m!) and currents are low . After that it is September to November. Monsoon keeps the boats out of the water in December and July, but the rest of the year it is possible to get out and enjoy these untouched and unexplored areas of our underwater world. A full range of try dives and dive courses are offered by internationally trained instructors. The experienced diver and beginner can all join in alike. 

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January 28th, 2013 - 5:20:
Terrific team with great equipment and fantastic dive sites!! Got to drift dive, along a wall, with nitrox, and no other dive boat to be seen. Really special experience. Will be back in a couple of months with my family to get trained in PADI diving!

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