Swahili Diving Kenya Ltd

Swahili Diving Kenya Ltd

Diani Beach, Kenya

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Swahili Diving Kenya Ltd Karibu Sana to Swahili Diving Kenya a newly formed diving company on the south coast of Mombasa bringing together over 40 years of dive experience on the Kenya fringing reef system. We are a small, highly experienced, professional friendly team, who all share a common view of the diving that we undertake, we are all focused on making sure that you have a fantastic memorable time in absolute safety. Our diving practices and codes of conduct along with our boats adhere to stringent European/UK safety rules and regulations ensuring the utmost safety for all. We have ongoing and evolving environmental policies and see ourselves as reef guardians who not only enter this fragile environment to see the wonders that it hold but also make sure that we create a sustainable diver package. We include within our packages marine biology and conservation briefings which are optional but are available to all either on a 1-1 basis or groups at a time to suit. Indian Ocean – why dive Kenya? From unexplored sites to easily accessible undersea gardens of coral, schools of fish to breaching whales, friendly dolphins to endangered turtles, incredible caves to mysterious wrecks, diving in Kenya has it all. The warmest ocean in the world, with 746 different species of coral reef fish, including the world's largest fish, the whale shark, and the prehistoric coelacanth - the critically endangered "dinosaur of the ocean." All five sea turtle species of the Indian Ocean - the green turtle, hawksbill, olive ridley, loggerhead and leatherback can be found along the Kenyan coast along with 34 species of marine mammals which include migrating whales ( sperm whale, humpback whale, Bryde’s whale, minke whale, killer whale , melon-headed whale) and resident populations of Dolphins : bottlenose , common , humpback, spinner, spotted, Fraser’s, Risso’s and the striped dolphin have all been sighted, as has the critically endangered dugong dugong. 200 species of coral from 55 genra have been recorded giving a diverse and rich coral reef experience in Kenya. The weather is consistently warm and sunny, with excellent water temperature and visibility that makes for great diving conditions.

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