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Serifos Scuba Divers


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The Serifos Scuba Divers school was established in early 2008 by people who love the sea and spend much of their time there. As well as the extensive CVs and rich experience of its training staff, they are mainly known for their consistency and patience in their difficult task.

Innovative diving destinations have been selected to stimulate every scuba diver’s imagination. Brand-new equipment from branded factories guarantee comfort & safety.

The purpose of the school and its partners is for the visitor to explore and discover the hidden attractions of Serifos through a variety of activities.

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16.03.2009Dive into the crystal clear waters of the legendary Aegean Sea and travel through time with the aid of diving apparatus, a mask and snorkel, or just by swimming. Our diving centre is known for its friendly environment, modern equipment and experienced staff. A care-free vacation awaits you, which we and our partners guarantee will be great fun for the whole family. ...Our underwater world is yours to explore!

  • Dive in Serifos island Greece

    Dive in Serifos island Greece
  • Wreck in Serifos island

    Wreck in Serifos island
  • Wreck in Serifos island

    Wreck in Serifos island
  • Dive with Tuna fish

    Dive with Tuna fish
  • Dive in old mine

    Dive in old mine
  • Dive in Greecr

    Dive in Greecr

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