Paradise Found Dive Center

Paradise Found Dive Center

Bodrum, Turkey

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Paradise Found Diving Center is established in 2002 and is incorporated in Bodrum.

Paradise Found Diving Center presents this heavenly diving site with the guidance of instructors all holding degrees from Istanbul University Maritime Technologies and Marmara University, Academy of Physical Education. Through their knowledge and experience, our instructors provide the most secure conditions for you to dive. Paradise Found has been functioning as a professional diving center and is now assigned as the diving center for certain resorts in the reigon. Paradise Found Diving Center is also an international diving school functioning as a customer-oriented diving school in cooperation with the resorts Forever Club, Majesty Hotes&Resort Belizia, and Ersan Resort&Spa Hotel.

Paradise Found Diving Center is authorized to offer diving courses for all levels under Turkish Underwater Sports Federation, CMAS, and PADI standards.

Being a member of Bodrum Underwater Association, Paradise Found Diving Center is recognized as a leading player within the association.


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WILLIAM AND RODICA JOBSON August 17th, 2016 - 14:51:
Well where do I start, its been awhile since we went on holiday and did a fortnights diving with the boy on paradise found but this was and still is the best diving I have every done we saw lots of variety of fish including a shark I was teased by one of the dive masters he had hold of it and shook it letting me think it was trying to get away (yeah its was about 2 foot long but to my amazement it was dead lol still to this day I laugh at the though but at the time I was thinking wheres mummy shark. As for my wife Rodica she loved her very first try dives and the boys looked after us very well my young lad Dumitru had his first dive too they grabbed a baby octopus and put it on his arm I think it actually like him because it wouldn't come off it was like a lump of elastic stretching it the caves around the islan were great too And the skipper suggested we live aboard wish we had now and now we look forward to going back again thanks bill jobson

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