Ha'apai Beach Resort

Ha'apai Beach Resort


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Ha’apai Beach Resort is situated right on the beach in Lifuka Island, overlooking the stunning turquoise waters and surrounding islands. Only 5 mins from Pangai town. It’s the perfect place to relax on the beach and fall into the 'island life' pace. Enjoy a drink while the sunset descends over the ocean, or indulge yourself with tropical meal at our restaurant and bar with ocean views.
Ha’apai Beach Resort is a SSI dive resort and offers scuba diving to divers with all levels of experience and also for those wishing to try it out or complete a course during their stay in Ha’apai, with our dive vessels getting to the stunning reefs that surround Ha’apai has never been easier. We offer pick up and drop off from accommodations to Pangai Wharf where we will make our way to the dive sites, while taking in the beautiful vistas of the islands as we go.
The pace of life in Tonga is supremely relaxed. We love to take that pace onto the boat with us and even more importantly, under the water on our long, slow dives. We dive in small groups, never rushing our divers on the boat or in the water and we do not impose time limits; your personal air consumption, temperature and no-deco etc. are the only time limits. We dive to a maximum of 30 meters keeping profiles within no-deco limits and our dive plans are always tailored to meet the experience levels and desires of our guests.
We offer Try Dive Programs for those wishing to experience the wonder of diving and try it out. Along with SSI courses for those wanting to take it a step further to become certified whilst on holidays in the stunning Ha’apai Islands.
Every year from mid July to mid October the serene islands of Ha'apai provide a safe haven for one of mother nature´s most captivating creations - the majestic Humpback Whales.
Tonga is one of only a few countries in the world where you are allowed to actually swim with Humpback Whales. With our professional guides providing you with safety and an amazing experience, the tropical paradise of Ha'apai is simply the most beautiful and tranquil place to do it.
We are a fully licensed and professional whale swim operator who strive to swim with the whales on every trip and provide you with an unforgettable experience. However we must always take into an account that we are visitors in their realm during their special migration route and time of breeding. Our primary concern is the welfare of the whales, always maintaining a safe and respectful approach on our encounters. Getting in the water may or may not be a possibility due to the whales behaviours;their reaction to us and weather conditions. Its a day full of excitement as you watch the whales display different behaviours on the surface and in the water.
Ha'apai Beach Resort offers the following:
Humpback whale encounters (seasonal: mid July - Mid October)
Beach Front Accommodation with restaurant and bar
SSI dive courses
SSI Try Dive Programs
Scuba Gear Hire
Kayak Hire / SUP hire
Snorkelling tours
Boat Charters
Land Tours
Transfers for in-house and outside guests

  • Red Lionfish

    Red Lionfish
  • Curious mother Humpback and her calf.

    Curious mother Humpback and her calf.
  • The beautiful surrounding islands of Ha'apai

    The beautiful surrounding islands of Ha'apai
  • Escort Humpback saying hello

    Escort Humpback saying hello
  • Mantas

  • Leopard Shark

    Leopard Shark

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