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Dreamcatching co.ltd

Koh Samui, Thailand

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Dreamcatching co.ltd is all about catching the excitment and thrills of "Diving in Thailand" in digital format for customers to purchase and for the dive opperators to advertise with.
Established in 2004 we have been working along side most of the dive opperators around the island and are well known for our proffesional appitude and proven world class results. If you like you can google "Colin Parker-National geographic" for an example!
Due to the growing demand from the dive operators for us to supply more camera staff on more boats. We now have positions for two underwater photographers and one videographer.
Minimum Dive level required would be "Divemaster" and must have own Equipment to include, "Own Diving equipment, digital camera or camcorder with underwater housing depth rating 25m min, laptop computer"
An ongoing traing program is given to ensure the quality of work is upheld to the high standard our company demands.
An outgoing positive person would suit best as this is a commision paid job. Even so our staff earn at least twice as much as an intructor from the same area. You would be required to work around ten hours per day (two to three dives per day) and five days a week and overtime work is availibe if requested!
The Dive operators we work with have large boats with around 30+ customers per day each.

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We are a underwater photo and movie centre providing quality media for the tourist and the tourism industry. We provide a workshop and proffesional courses for undewater photographers and videographers. Our courses range from a two week photgrapher package includes 20 dives to the videographer 1 month package includes 30 dives.

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