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Dive Coiba

David, Panama

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The Coiba National Park is situated off the Pacific Coast of Panama in the Gulf of Chiriquí. The warm waters surrounding these jungle-clad islands offers some of the world's best diving. Coiba is an area of growing interest to the scientific community, for its abundance and unique marine and terrestrial flora and fauna and the second largest coral reef in the eastern pacific. Panama's Cordillera Central, that runs from Costa Rica to the center of the country shields the Gulf of Chiriquí, making its waters relatively protected and warm which is also conducive to the growth of coral. Coiba is bathed by Indo-Pacific currents that expose it's waters to organisms that are normally found in the South Pacific, far from Central America.

Our customers describe Coiba as a mixture between the Galapagos Islands, Equador and the Cocos Islands, Costa Rica. Mainly, because it's the same underwater island chain. This area is virtually virgin territory for the scuba diver. The water temperature at the surface is in the low 80's, and thermoclines are common at depth dropping the temperature to the mid 70's. Currents are variable depending on the tide. A 8ft to 12ft tidal exchange is present around the islands and can sometimes make diving challenging. The visibility on average is around 50 feet.

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