Bikini Lagoon Atoll Divers

Bikini Lagoon Atoll Divers

Bikini Lagoon, Micronesia

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Bikini Atoll Divers is a full-service PADI dive operator with a new dive boat and 30' fishing boat. At the Ground Zero Galley dining facility, there is a wide selection of books, magazines and charts, pictures and plans of ships available to guests. For after hours there is a wide range of equipment for visitors to use including a table tennis table, a weight room and a large screen TV video room.
Bikini Atoll is known for its wonderful wreck diving, but is recommended only for advanced divers with previous wreck diving experience. Before each dive the divemasters give a full briefing about the vessel's history, unique characteristics and a comprehensive dive plan. The marine life has been virtually untouched for over forty years, and divers can see a great profusion of sharks, tunas, marlins, rays, turtles and much more. Guided fishing tours can also be arranged.

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The Kili/Bikini/Ejit Local Government Council closed Bikini Atoll for tourism in 2008. The Council made this decision due to the ongoing reliability issues with our local airline, Air Marshall Islands, the rise in the world price of fuel, and the decline in the stock market and the impact that this has had on our trust funds (which were used to subsidise our dive program):  Two years later, in August of 2010, none of these issues have changed for us so we remain closed.

While we continue to explore ways to reinstitute our tourism program, due to the ongoing issues mentioned above despite a huge demand for us to reopen, we at this time have no future plans for opening Bikini Atoll.

The Local Government Council is allowing certain types of vessels to visit Bikini Atoll and dive on the wrecks provided definitive prior arrangements are made with Bikini Atoll Divers.

If you want more information regarding this kind of expedition, please contact:

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