Adventure Diving Malta

Adventure Diving Malta

Qawra, Malta

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Adventure Diving Malta is a PADI Dive Resort dedicated to my happy old customers who have enjoyed diving with me over the years. I look forward to welcoming my new customers who wish to dive and enjoy the Mediterranean Sea, particularly the spectacular islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo.
Malta is especially known for the many and varied wreck diving opportunities around the coasts of these beautiful islands. The wrecks are situated at many different depths, both shallow and deep, giving the chance for divers of all abilities to experience the magic of wreck diving.

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Lee March 27th, 2016 - 14:30:
Firstly this review is not aimed in any way towards the centre staff they are fantastic but their hands are tied by the centre owner Just returned from a week in Malta and I had booked a dive package with Allan Hartmann the centre owner 11 month ago with several conditions that we would be diving with the same instructors as i had dived with in 2015 Had agreed with him that he would join me on a dive using his rebreather which was the same unit as mine this would allow me a longer dive (This I was willing to pay extra for) SUNDAY When we arrived we were taken to the centre for a check out dive on the house reef which went ok apart from the owners puppy trying to get hold of everyones kit which is not on Then we were taken to another dive site for our first dive of the package when we arrived 2 cylinders were missing and left at the dive centre but wasnt a problem as about 35 mins later the owner had sent an instrctor allowing myself and my buddy to do the dive Monday Great dive on the Um el faroud no problems Tuesday 2 good dives on a reef with the instructors again all equipment there Wednesday I recieved a phonecall from one of our guides who informed me the centre owner had dissagreed with him on something and that they had fallen out and our guide had been told to take the day off the group we had been with had been diving with the guide and had built up confidence having him in the water with them so we all decided that we wasnt happy to dive without him spoke to the centre owner who was very rude ond told me that we had to dive without him or we wouldnt be divng again with the centre We said no and emptied our gear from the vans Wednesday night recieved a message from our guide who told us it was all sorted and that we would be picked up in the morning and we would be going to gozo to dive the blue hole Thursday Morning came and we were promptly picked up by our usual assured all cylinders and extra weights were onboard and set off to gozo on the ferry......... arrived gozo and i went to set my rebreather up only to find that Allan had missed my cylinders off the vasn (My cylinder is specific to my unit and is a specil size) I told my guide who tried his best with centres on the island of gozo with no luck I got in touch with Allan who ignored me knowing there was a problem and he didnt get in touch with out guide all he had to do was send somebody with a cylinder to enable me to dive even if i just got one dive in Instead i had to watch my mates do the dive without me i was gutted At the end of the day just as we set off Allan rang the guide to ask when we were going to pay but didnt mention anything about my cylinders so this proves he could of contacted his guides when i told him about my cylinders Some of the guys were diving Nitrox mixes and these were 4 or 5 % out which is very dangerous (lucky my group were experienced enough to know to check before using it) He didnt even ask for my Nitrox certification which im sure is against regulations The long dive i had organised with Allan on his rebreather NEVER happened as his rebreathe runit was in England so he never had an intention to keep his promise We had a meeting with Allan who wanted to charge us for the dives that he had cancelled due to his fall out with instructor and the 2 dives he cost me at the blue hole but i refused to pay he lied about the agreement of diving with same guys i dived with last year even when i showed him the emails and messages he had sent me The owner has since blocked me from contacting him on facebook (this to me admits he was wrong) I will be returning to Malta in March 2017 but I will not let this man have a single penny of my hard earned cash the instructos there r will do well to find a proper dive centre to work for as they are fantastic and staying at this dump of a centre will only hold them back but the bottom line is Allan dosnt have a clue about dealing with problems he is far better suited hiding away and expecting FULL payments for his mistakes The centre vehcles are in a poor state as well power steering on the transit has had it as well as a fuel leak and on the VW the side slide door falls of the top runner not very safe at all The actual centre is more suited to being a garage with tools and bits and bob all over Nothing like a dive center ive ever seen before only one corner looks something like and thats where the compressor is reading this you may think im very bitter but to be honest i am after 11 month in the planning Allan Hartmann ruined my weeks diving and didnt apologise Visited March 2016

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